Women are Already Strong

“Why was she walking so late at night by herself?”

“Didn’t she expect something terrible to happen?”

She can be struck by a car on the highway, and people still make that response.

Nothing regarding the driver, who cowardly fled the scene.

“She had no business being there.”

Didn’t her parents drill her from the moment of birth to not give anyone a reason to blame her for anything?

Teach her not to wear that dress, or to keep quiet when she wants to speak up, or to never leave a drink unattended, and certainly to not walk alone after dark.

I wonder what it must be like to grow up male. To not have constantly be on guard. To go to a party, walk through a parking lot, or sit in a professional meeting, and just feel comfortable that you won’t get attacked because of your gender. A gender that has constantly been associated with being weak. Women are already strong. We’re just taught to keep it a secret.

Well the secret’s out, and we’re tired of being blamed for the poor choices of others.

It’s not our fault.


Body Shame & Other BS

Why do you hate your body?

Is it because your stomach isn’t flat?

Or because your thighs touch?

It could be your acne or stretch marks.

Maybe it’s the constant commentary on women’s bodies…

“You’re so thin, do you even eat?”

“You have such a pretty face, why don’t you just eat better & walk a little? You’d look awesome!”

“You’re built like a boy, don’t you wish you had some curves?”

“Ugh, everything looks awful on me today.” “Right, my skin looks so gross.”

Maybe it’s the media…

“Lose ten pounds in ten days – no workouts required!”

“Wear this belt for 4 hours, and lose inches off your waist!”

“Find plastic surgeons in your area and make your wishes come true!”

Maybe it’s because we’ve made fat the worst thing a woman can be.

Maybe it’s because loving yourself is so unusual that when you see a confident girl who’s fat, or has bad skin, or thick, dark body hair, that you don’t really know what to make of it.

Why doesn’t she fix it? Eat less, go to a dermatologist, get laser hair removal. It would be so much easier than learning to live with constant stares and judgments from strangers.

Because she loves herself.

And you should too.


“In a world that profits off your insecurities, loving yourself is the greatest rebellion.”

#NoBodyShame is a campaign started by the Fat & Fabulous Whitney Way Thore of TLC reality fame.

What’s in a Name?

Happy Monday! It’s September 7th already & this month is flying! I did not blog yesterday because it was my first day off in nine days & I was really excited to do literally nothing. I did go to church for the first time since last Christmas so that was fun. And the music was beautiful. And prayers were offered for the under-employed AKA me.

Anyway, onto today’s topic – which is the name of your blog! My little slice of cyberspace is, obviously, called Another Apple Another Day. If you’ve read any of my posts ever or happened to encounter me in real life, you know I am low-key obsessed with a beautiful show called Next to Normal. The overarching theme of the show is that there’s always a little glimmer of light flickering on the horizon of a terrible, but temporary, situation. The opening song is called Just Another Day and showcases how we adopt to “new normals” when something goes wrong. I was thinking that I wanted my blog to be about wellness and staying positive in tough times, so “an apple a day” came to mind. Combining physical health with mental wellness brings you “Another Apple Another Day” or how to be happy you’re still breathing even when nothing else seems to be going your way.

Enjoy reading!


Music gives a soul to the universe

It’s September 5th! Today’s challenge is to put our music on shuffle and list the first ten songs. If you’ve read my posts before you’re probably aware that almost all of my titles are taken from song lyrics. When they’re not taken from the “quotes” section of Pinterest. I’ve already written a “soundtrack to my life” post here.  Now, shuffle is on, and we shall begin.

  1. Cold Coffee. Ed Sheeran.
  2. The Guilty Ones. Spring Awakening OBC.
    Side-note, at this very moment in eight days, I will be in my seat for the Broadway revival of this show. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!
  3. The Girl Who Drove Away. Kerrigan & Lowdermilk, performed by Laura Osnes.
  4. Just Another Day. Next to Normal OBC.
    One of my all time favorite songs and shows.
  5. Super bass. Nicki Minaj.
    I love Nicki Minaj, and everything she stands for.
  6. My Only Wish This Year. Britney Spears.
    Christmas music flows through my veins year-round.
  7. You Belong with Me. Taylor Swift. #TBT
  8. Shut up and Dance. Walk the Moon. #basic
  9. A Quiet Night at Home. Bare: A Pop Opera, Studio Album.
  10. Safer. First Date Cast Recording.


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

Blogtember Day 4 is upon us! Today, we have the opportunity to share our passions. To everyone’s shock, I’m providing another list.

  1. Feminism. Empowering women. Educating women. Protecting women. Celebrating the accomplishments of women. Trans women. Women of color. Women with physical disabilities. Women coping with mental illness.  All of us. We need feminism because women still get asked what they were wearing or drinking before they were sexually assaulted. Because people still post nude photos of women against their will on the internet, tarnishing their reputation forever. Because trans women are perceived as a some kind of “threat” in a women’s locker room or bathroom. Because of the wage gap. Because every election the legality of abortion is STILL a talking point. Because women matter.
  2. Access. We live in a world with so much, yet so many peoples do not have clean water, food on their table, quality schools or educators, efficient and affordable healthcare, and the list continues. I’m pursuing an MPH degree in hopes of working on programs in under-served communities to improve access to the vast resources we have and often take for granted.
  3. Art. Theatre. Visual arts. Poetry. The things for which I live. I talk about my love for theatre constantly on this blog, but I’m going to take a second to express that the moment when the curtain goes up is magical. There’s just something so remarkably special about seeing a performer in their natural element, doing what they love up on the stage. I can’t think of a show I made it through totally without tears. Wandering around museums is like being in church. You’re in this building with the pieces of the artist’s soul right there in front of you. Be quiet. Be respectful. Take time for each work you find yourself drawn towards. Obviously, I also care deeply about the written word and that traditional form of storytelling.

I’m also passionate about pumpkin coffee, discounted shoes, taco trucks, my supportive family, and my beautiful, wonderful friends.


The Best Days

Blogtember day two is almost over, but I’m getting this post up before bed! Today’s topic is the ideal day. Today was pretty stellar because I went to my first grad lecture – although the 90 minute commute either way was less than perfect.

My ideal day would begin without an alarm.

Brunch with my lovely friends would be involved.

Ideally this would be happening on an island, but I’m not picky.

If I’m home, seeing a show in Manhattan would definitely be at the top of my ideal day activity list – one of the many joys of living in New Jersey is access to New York theatre.

I wouldn’t say no to a margarita…or a plate of tacos.

The prettiest part of this day would be captured for Instagram & my wittiest commentary will likely end up on twitter.

At the end of the day I like to brainstorm writing ideas, or take some quiet time to read and let inspiration strike.

Speaking of the end of the day, I’m sleepy! Can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s posts tomorrow!